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Signs that you need a medical staffing partner

Undeniably, there are many strategies you could use to meet your staffing needs. Are you sure that your current staffing strategy is up to par? There are subtle signs that your medical facility is understaffed, and your productivity may have slipped dangerously before you ever notice there is a problem. Here are some telltale signs that it might be time to team up with a medical staffing agency.

Your staff is becoming burnt out

When a healthcare facility is understaffed, you can’t just ease back on your workload. Patient care needs don’t respond to your staffing levels; rather, your facility must adapt to an ever-changing workload. In fact, ignoring the signs of burnout could lead to lost productivity – or even devastating accidents. If you notice that your team members are working themselves to the bone, it’s time to act. A staffing agency is ideal for meeting such short-term needs, as you will have your pick between temporary, part-time, and permanent hires.

You’re paying out too much overtime

Of course, it would be best to catch the problem before your team gets burnt out. If you pay attention to your payroll and time clocks, you’ll be able to catch your staffing shortages before they cause long-term problems. Subtle increases in overtime work indicate that your current staffing levels are inadequate, and you’ll know it’s time for a change. Your long-term employees will be up to the challenge for a short time, but be sure to seek help from a staffing partner before they reach their limits.

You’re spending too much time on scheduling

Organizing work schedules should be one of your most significant responsibilities, but it is far from the only thing that you should have on your plate. If you find that your daily workload consists mostly of juggling requests for time off, call-ins, and approving overtime, it should be clear that you have an urgent staffing need.  Working with a staffing firm will help you free up time for your other duties, making you a more productive and effective leader.

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