MedRevenue Solutions, LLC

Karlene Dittrich, CBCS, CPC, CMPA, CECCS
is the CEO and founder of MedRevenue Solutions LLC, a unique company that provides Complex Claims Recovery and Advanced ERISA/PPACA Appeal Services; Denial Management Consulting Services; as well as Advanced Denial Management and Appeals Educational Training.   Karlene uses her expertise as a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA), Professional Coder (CPC), Billing  Specialist (CBCS), as well as ERISA/PPACA Claims Handling Compliance and Appeal Specialist (CECCS), to help equip and assist healthcare practices and facilities nationwide, with a compliant approach to strengthen the appeal process and hold insurance companies accountable to process claims in alignment with applicable state and federal laws.   Karlene’s mission as a patient and provider advocate is to ensure healthcare organizations nationwide utilize rights available to protect and receive the maximum insurance revenue entitled and due for services rendered in good faith. Her company has been instrumental in overturning some of the most challenging claim denials, recovery of offsets, and circumventing disingenuous audit attempts, successfully recovering thousands of dollars for a variety of healthcare organization clients across the nation. MedRevenue Solutions provides a cost-effective solution to assess, address and recover revenue on contracted and non-contracted claims impacted by improper denial and offset tactics, including claims closed and considered as uncollectible, with dates of service spanning back as far as 6 years.

Karlene Dittrich, CBCS, CPC, CPMA

Certified ERISA/PPACA Claims Recovery & Appeal Specialist
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