David Floyd

David Floyd


As a seasoned professional, my tenure in recruiting spans over 30 years.  After a quasi-successful career in restaurant management and catering, my career path made a drastic turn “by accident”:  I accepted a 1-day assignment with a temporary placement agency for an in-house project and today, I am still recruiting and have never looked back.  Very early in my career, I began to identify myself as a matchmaker, someone who introduces clients and candidates for their “first date”, i.e. their first interview.  And I even get paid to do this!  How lucky am I to have a career that I can do what I do best – introduce people who complement each other?  30 years after my first placement, I still get as excited to give an offer to a candidate as I was when I called Josh to offer him the forklift driver position at YDK America.


As recruiting continues to bring new challenges daily, I meet those challenges.  Purple squirrels, unicorns, needles in haystacks are in high demand and as their habitats continue to change, so have my networks and methods.  My recruiting methodology has transitioned.  From traditional posting ads in newspapers and the job boards, i.e. the “post and pray” method, combined with “resume fishing” to contemporary social networking and AI recruiting, I integrate a recruiting style leveraging old school tools with modern technologies to attract from all generations and a variety of industries offering my clients the best of the best unicorns.  If you prefer a purple squirrel, I have 2 of those right now!






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